Flood Light vs Spot Light: A Comparison

In the world of lighting, Henghui Lighting is a renowned brand that offers a wide range of products. Two popular options are flood lights and spot lights, each with its own unique features and benefits.

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The HCE190720-6 model from Henghui Lighting is a versatile flood light that comes with several advantages. Its rotatable angle allows for effective reduction in packaging area, making it convenient for transportation. With CE certification and an annual shipment of 5,000 units to countries like Denmark, Sweden, and Chile, this flood light has gained popularity among customers.



Henghui Lighting also offers spot lights such as the HW200406-ST2-A and HC220319-3-A models. These spot lights feature a creative shell shape with transparent glass shade, creating a soft and pleasant illumination. With CE certification and an annual shipment of 5,000 units to countries like France and Czech Republic, these spot lights have been well-received by customers.


The HW141030L-RE2-A model stands out with its solid wood chassis and frosted light barrel design. This not only adds beauty but also prevents scratches on the surface. It has gained popularity in the UK, France, Netherlands,and Belgium where 10,000 units are shipped annually along with CE certification.


The HS170326-RE1-P model is highly versatile as it can be used as both a spotlight or wall/reading light depending on different scenes. This flexibility makes it a popular choice among customers.

Comparison between Flood Light and Spot Light

When comparing flood lights and spot lights, there are several factors to consider. Flood lights provide a wider coverage area, making them suitable for illuminating large spaces or outdoor areas. On the other hand, spot lights offer more focused illumination, allowing for highlighting specific objects or areas with precision.

In conclusion, Henghui Lighting offers a range of flood lights and spot lights that cater to different lighting needs. Whether you require wide coverage or precise illumination, their products have gained recognition in various countries due to their quality and certifications.